Reading, Eating. Drinking and Reading some more. June 28 2017

It has been a month since we returned from the Franschhoek Literary Festival. Elated and excited this was a festival to remember.

Our first talk was a conversation between Deborah Lipstadt and Philippe Sands moderated by Dennis Davis. A meeting of three great minds, it was erudite and awe inspiring. As Dennis Davis said at the end of the conversation, it exceeded all expectations.

And more.

Philippe Sands gave a talk on his own the next day.The hour passed too quickly and when the floor opened up for questions my fellow attendee begged him just to carry on talking ( I choose my friends well!)

And he did.

We were enthralled. Sophie Hannah, Joanne Harris and Leslie Pearse were next on our list. Their dry sense of humour and sanity in an insane world was a tonic that we sorely needed. The audience roared with laughter.

Should they ever give up their day jobs these ladies could do stand up comedy any time. They are so funny, witty and intelligent. It was a treat.

What more did one need?

Oh books! And there were plenty of those around, it was inspirational.

In true Franschhoek tradition we wined and dined as well as fed our soul. This year we decided to do a road trip prior to the festival. Three ladies, a car and lots of wine farms, restaurants and art galleries to explore.

We had fun. We stayed in some delightful places and one rather eerie one...

I was convinced we were in the middle of some Hitchcock movie. And I then realized. We were at Dr Frank-N-Furter’s place.

I do not think my fellow traveler's took kindly to being played the banjo duet from Deliverance or the Rocky horror show as we slept with one eye on the shower that night.

But what are friends for? And then we arrived in Franschhoek. It was so civilized. We had our traditional lunch at the Glenelly estate, we admired the art at Delaire, tasted wine at the inimitable Babylonstoren and we waved to authors and publishers.

We were surrounded by like minded readers and so many books and it was perfect.