Glitterati of the literati June 08 2018

It has been a long time.

There have been complaints, I do apologize. But it has been busy.

We were honoured to host two wonderful launches this month.

Kyung Sun Yi-O -Kelly launched her  book Seven holistic Practices for Harmonious Living: A Self Healing Journey to Freedom.It was a treat to be reunited with Kyung again and her launch was inspirational and joyful.

A few weeks later we hosted the inimitable Lauren Mooi. Even though her book is called Dark Deeds : The Cause, there was nothing dark about Lauren. Her spunk and warmth had us either in tears or fits of laughter. And by the way those classy handbags seen around town were designed by her.

Multi talented, she is a force to be reckoned with.

And in between?

Well in between was Franschhoek.

The annual literary festival where the glitterati of the literati gather to feast , drink gallons of wine and talk books ,books and more books. And they were there en masse.

My highlights?

Hard to say there were so many. Was it when Kate Mosse speaking with her hands took a swipe at Michelle Magwood or when Darryl Bristow Bovey described his life in Greece? 
Was it lying on the grass in front of the town hall with good friends and meeting up with publishers who I never get to see in Johannesburg?
Was it that fabulous meal on the Thursday night as we prepared ourselves for the next few days of brain or rather, to tell the truth, soul food?

It was everything and more.

And so I sit at my desk and wonder if it is too early to book my airline ticket for next year. Accommodation has  already been organised.

But before that I need to look at our busy weeks ahead.

Selling books at the Nadine Gordimer Memorial Lecture and hosting the wonderful Marilyn Cohen De Villiers as she launches her third book.

So much to do and in between I try to read and process the books that come my way.

Time to give up this sleeping business.
Such a waste of time when there are books to be read!
Meals to be eaten. 
And wine to be tasted.