Buried Under Books April 28 2017

Its been a while.
Actually it has been a very long while since I have managed to make my way without impediment to this chair and computer.

We have been buried in books.
And we are starting to surface.

The gentle disease of Bibliomania has reared its ugly head again.
Besides the “normal” influx of books into our stores and warehouse we have somehow managed to find ourselves in the enviable position of having even more than usual.
Was that even possible?

It started when a retired publisher wanted to flog his business library.
Our ears pricked up.
Lots of them...
My heart sank a little.
To Doron this was manna from heaven.
A deal was struck and over a hundred boxes of good bad and indifferent books arrived in our already full warehouse.

Doron was in heaven.
The books were bought.
There is no place to move in the warehouse but when you are surrounded by books you manage to somehow float over those boxes.
It is magical.
There is no other explanation.
There is no space to walk.

We had a serious discussion.
Well we tried to be serious and I think that at that moment we were both committed.
No more books until we have managed to look at the boxes blocking our entrance.

That lasted about five minutes.

Actually about three minutes .

I received a call.
It went like this..

Lady on the phone: I have thousands of novels and I need to clear them now.
You need to come.

Vivienne: Sure where are you ?
Is tomorrow too late?

And so off we went to look at the books.

Sadly the owner had seven dogs who were not very well house trained.
The books on the bottom shelves were “damaged”
But oh those top shelves...
And in no time at all we had managed to amass thirty four boxes of wonderful books.

Where to put them?
Our warehouse is ridiculously full.

No problem.
Off all thirty four boxes went to our Colony branch where our fellow minded manager happily received them.

And so we stood in our already very full shop staring mournfully at the boxes swearing that this is the end.

No more books till some of these were processed.

And in walked a lady whose recently deceased father turned out to be my uncle’s partner in years gone by.

We were almost family.
You can’t say no to family.
There was no hesitation.
We were there an hour later.
And now we have the books.

And I swear.
No more books until we have processed some of them.
Until the next call that is...