In Memory of Alan Rickman March 21 2016

It is a month since one of my favorite actors, Alan Rickman, passed away.

It was his his uniquely British droll way of speaking that has always attracted me. 

And so I have spent the past month watching some of his more memorable classics.
'Love Actually' is permanently imprinted on my mind
But what about 'Truly Madly Deeply'?
And when I requested to see this from the marvelous Hennie at Majestic movies (conveniently right across the road from our Greenside store), he reminded me that I was I was leaving out one of his most memorable movies ever.
'Bottle shock'.
For those who have not seen it (and even those who have it is certainly worth a revisit)
And for anyone who enjoys a glass or two of wine it is, despite the controversy surrounding some of the facts, a must see.

And so we must blame Alan Rickman and Hennie for the ever increasing pile of books that lie next to my bed that need to be read.
This are not “want to” or “may enjoy reading “ tomes
These are books that I fear my life will be incomplete without.
Time to take off to as desert island to read and read and read some more.