Vodka, Russians, Historians and Us… March 14 2016

What a week it was…

The highlight of which was hosting the launch of the book written by  Boris  Goreilik

'An entirely different world. Russian Visitors to the Cape 1797- 1870' published by the Van Riebeeck Society .

It was an erudite occasion

And as he described the trials and tribulations of the  early visitors to the Cape I was lectured in the art of drinking vodka.

In summary here are the rules.

No women (They are sexist in cold places)

Only to be drunk in winter

(Forget about a vodka and lemon on a hot summer day)

No Mixes.

And definitely no shot glasses!

What is required  is to fill a tumbler of vodka ,have many pickled cucumbers on hand which are eaten after each gulp ( no sipping allowed) to mask the taste of the vodka

Na zdorovie!!