Bibliomaniacs Swelter Under a Hot Tin Roof December 02 2015

Sadly with no Cat and no Tennessee Williams.


On the last Sunday of every month the Rosebank Rooftop Market hosts a vintage fair and Mad dogs and Englishmen are drawn to the heat of the excitement of finding the tome they were looking for. Or perhaps the one they did not even realize they were looking for.


Much bartering takes place.

Yes it is true that we bought a cash register from the lady with the aromotherapy scents and some books form her friend's car.


We sold a few books. We bought a few more.

OK more than a few more.

This is what we do.


We ate.

We drank.

We laughed and joked and survived the tin roof in Rosebank during a Joburg heat wave. We  arrived home hot tired and thirsty and dare I say a little grumpy.

But it was so much fun!