A Bibliomaniac needs more time September 15 2015

Many a true word…

I mentioned to my business partner that I need to take the next two weeks off in order to read.

There are so many books I want to read and so little time.

Sure he said.

Aha I thought.

Time to rush home an start reading.


And then I looked at the piles of “Urgent have to read right nowbooks.

And the next pile of “Urgent want to read right now” books.

And the next pile of “Urgent to be read by the end of the yearbooks and the next pile ...

And I started tidying up.

I have not yet taken the two weeks off but when I do I will be so organised.

I doubt the piles will get any shorter.

If anything there are a few that have already been added to these tottering towers.

But I will be happy.

Now to break the news to Mr D that I will be away for the next two weeks and unavailable to anyone who is not on the printed page.