A Bibliomaniac who loves stationery August 28 2015

I am not sure where this fascination came from.

Probably from growing up in darkest Africa where a stationery shop was something that just did not exist.

Or maybe it is the fact that I have an all male household.

Even the dog was male and the way that hamster behaved makes me pretty sure that he was male too.

Not being au fait  with hamsters private parts I may have made a mistake.

But the way he slept and ate all day makes me think…..


None the less here I am.

A girl who loves play .


I am sure that the fact that I jot down all my thoughts in a Moleskine journal means that one day I will be  as famous as Hemingway or Chatwin.


I can dream.


The pens I write with make the man at the pen shop's  heart beat much faster when he sees me in the passage. His sales target is reached within five minutes of my being in his store.

I cannot resist.


This is all well and good and I have lived a very happy life.

I quietly carried on while my desk drawers bulged with Lami pens,  washi tape and notebooks in every shape and colour.


But then everything changed.

Life literally got better and brighter.

I discovered the joy of adult colouring books.

No longer do I sneak into art supply shops and pretend to be an artist so that I can get to play with the inks and paints.

No longer do I sit and doodle mindlessly when I am meant to be pricing books or doing something equally worthy.

Now I sit and colour endlessly and guiltlessly and suddenly the colours are a little sharper, my crayons much more sparkly and my mood far calmer and happier.


I have purchased crayons and felt pens.

I have used highlighters and blender pencils.

I have used inks and paints.

I have a collection of coloured pencils that bring such joy to my heart


My life has been transformed. And I am in heaven.