Thoughts from a Bibliomaniac (the Gentle madness) May 19 2015

With apologies to Nicholas A Basbanes

Sometimes there is a person behind a book and sometimes we do have thoughts about the book we are handling with so much love.

Sometimes it is the volume itself.

Anyone who has handled a vellum bound tome from easier and earlier times will identify with the thrill and excitement and total joy that a fellow Bibliomaniac has.

There are those who will peer over their (usually bifocal) spectacles and grunt while handling the treasure.

When this happens you KNOW their pulse is quickening and their heart is beating a little too fast.

They like to believe that they alone understand how special the volume is.

And then there are us: THE OTHERS

We ooh and aah shamelessly.

We drag friends and family who are frankly not at all interested in this latest and greatest find to the bookshelf and feel shocked and astounded that they are not fainting with the sheer beauty of this book..

And we carry on searching and collecting because maybe the NEXT book ...

The one with the tipped in plates.

The one with the hand coloured illustrations.

Maybe that will make them understand.

And then they may visit again.

As long as I promise not to ignore my guests and stare lovingly at my new Shakespeare sitting so smugly on the third shelf (fourth book on the left) instead.