And Then We Won January 04 2017

The day had started so badly.

A long accounts meeting (never pleasant).

A mad dash to our shops.

Boxes of books waiting to be assessed and knowing that we had to be at the ORT Jet annual prize giving at the other side of town by 6pm.

We had been nominated for the Business of the Year Award and since ORT Jet have been so supportive of us we felt we ought to support them.

And so we went.
I realised on the way that I was dressed inappropriately for a Jewish function.
I was dressed in real work shmattes.
But since I was going to blend in the background and keep quiet I thought I could get away with it.

I was only there to show support for this very special organisation after all.

Now for a little history for those who do not know our tale of woe.

Four years ago our small business was in crisis.

There were only three partners but the animosity was palpable.

Who and what was going on?

I spoke with a good friend of mine and she suggested we contacted ORT Jet.

Her family business had been through a similar crisis and ORT Jet were instrumental in mediating between the parties.

Their happy conclusion inspired me to call ORT Jet and investigate.

At that stage I thought that is what they did ... Mediation.

Little did we know.

This marvellous organisation focuses on mentoring their members and helping them to grow their businesses. They run regular training courses and are a source of constant support and knowledge.

Our first mentor was a mediator.
And yes she swiftly found the root of our problem.

Exit one partner.

But then we were left with the implications of decisions made by three and not two.

And so came mentor number two.
He came to help negotiate leases that were entered into erroneously.
Not easy and quite debilitating.

In the meantime we were trying to diversify and set up our website.

Enter mentor number three.

The internet guru.
And so our website improved in leaps and bounds under his guidance.

But we needed to market this new look and feel.

And so arrived our marketing angel.

We have called upon all these mentors over the years and they have always been there to help and guide. Their support has been immeasurable.

I wonder where we would be today without them. Still miserable or not in business at all I would guess.

And so as a token of thanks we like to support ORT Jet whenever they have a function.

Thus the Wednesday night event.

This is a Jewish organisation

We walked in to the find tables literally groaning with food.

And then started the event.

The talk was by the inspiring Gidon Novick entrepreneur of note.
I was spell bound.

And then came the awards.

First the mentors.
And one of our mentors won.

I could not have been prouder.
(Mind you he put up with us he deserved it )

And then the business nominees were called up

Oh no.

I am sure that my beautifully dressed mother was turning in her grave.
I was hot and tired and I looked it.

The other nominees looked like they had just stepped out of the beauty parlour
(they probably had).
They were dressed for the occasion.

I tried to slink into the back.

And then they called out the winners...
And oh my goodness it was us!
I could not have been happier or prouder.

What a journey this has been.
But it was due to our mentors and you our faithful customers that we are still here.

Doron and Viv holding the award
So Thank You
Thank you
May you have a blessed festive season and may we start the new year with lots of books!

OrtJet Business of the Year Award