Books that I have read and loved December 20 2015

It is nearly the end of the year and I realise I have read 101 books

And I have loved them.


As I scan through the titles I try to decide which I loved most.


I know I have developed a huge fondness for the Irish.

So Colm Toibin and John Boyne feature in the top authors.

But then again I did read three novels by Natasha Solomans

The woman is a remarkable author.

Maybe she has Irish ancestry?


I also succumbed to some psychological page turners.

The Girl on the Train resonated with me.

I love imagining the lives in apartments that I can see televisions flickering through closed windows. .


I have read some very quirky novels.


I look in cupboards for a certain Fakir who may be trapped inside.

I am still in love with Paulette.

After reading “To Rise Again at a Decent Hour” I have a new interest in my dentist's relationship with his Jewish receptionist!

Alex Woods is a hero who has lived long after the last page was turned.


I have developed a very strong attachment to Michael Chabon and finally got to read the Yiddish Policemens Union.


Of course my muse Barabara Nadel did not disappoint and I read a couple of her novels.I even ventured out of Istanbul and read a couple of titles set in England.

I am learning to be flexible in my old age.


Probably the one that really got to my core was Richard Flangan's Road to the Deep North and the inimitable David Mitchell's Bone Clocks.


The first book that I read this year was Dying in New York by Ekow Duber.

(It was startling)

I am not sure what the last will be.

I have a couple of weeks to go!