Bibliomaniacs show their wares at the market September 04 2015

On the last Sunday of each month the market on the Rosebank rooftop hosts a collectors market.

This is the very essence of a Bibliomaniac's being.

It was we are made from.

It is what gives us energy to carry on.


And here I am.

The day after market day looking with love at my purchases and trying to reconcile my bank balance.

And so I find myself in the rather predictable  situation of having spent far more than I made.

But I had such fun.


Besides the joy of the purchase there are the customers who flock to our tables.

And since this is the collectors market it makes sense that our customers are fellow bibliophiles.


And so the conversation begins.

And we discuss the books we are exhibiting.

And sometimes we are very reluctant to part with a title.

I have been known to change my mind and secrete a tome or two for further consideration.

I will sell them eventually but I think they need more time and nurturing in my midst.

Or maybe I need the time and nurturing.

Either way. Neither the book nor the seller  are mature enough to part ways just yet.