Choosing my books September 18 2017

I haven’t thought about why I read the books that I read

I just read them.

I know that every trip away requires hours of pondering which books to take and which to leave. Visiting friends means that I need to know what they enjoy so that I can leave the finished tome with them. This includes family overseas who are also presented with my finished reads. I am not sure how they like them but they are all really polite and thank me effusively.

That is all except one who scoffs at my offerings and tells me her kindle will provide the said book within minutes. I know it can and does.
I had been on a train somewhere in England and horror of horror I finished my book! Downloading my next read was the answer.

But how can I share what I love if it is on my kindle? How can I quickly turn to a page and read words of wisdom eloquently written and then hand over ... what?

A kindle? I think not.

I am mindful of purchases that will be bought while I am away and I need to leave all the books I have read behind.

It is a win win situation.

But I digress..

I was explaining how I choose my “to be read” titles, all five piles of them, and why after I have finished them I consider the majority to be worthwhile and illuminating reads. I have to admit I am a real literary nerd at heart.

Besides the actual books I read I also read journals with reviews that I admire and enjoy. I listen to podcasts and I meet with publishers.

I know what I like but I am always willing to try something new. (except fantasy, thrillers and romance. There is a limit to my open mindedness.

Actually, when choosing what to read, I am not open minded at all. 

I am quite narrow minded if truth be told. In days gone by I belonged to a book club that shared various books that were bought jointly. Some questioned why as a bookseller I would do such a thing.

I questioned themThe answer was so obvious. Another source of good reads. Another way to explore titles I may not have known about before. I was also chastised for voting 10 stars out of five. But sometimes a book deserves that.

If I love a book I will wax lyrically till the end of my days.

This is what I was doing when a customer who I was raving to suggested I listed my reads on Good Reads. 
To be honest maybe she wanted to get away. I do tend to carry on somewhat.

I realised that I had joined Good Reads years ago. If they are to be believed I have spent the last three years reading one book.


Not entirely true. But I have started listing there. 

So keep a sharp look out.

If you are looking for a good read continue on to my GoodReads Page. And if you meet me in one of the shops be prepared for me to sing lengthy praises on the books that I've read.

They may all be five stars but then again you may meet some authors that will intrigue you and you may just have to leave a teeny weeny part of your heart on the pages.